The Rest

Your sleep support system

An expert-led program to teach you the fundamentals of sleep and how to improve yours.

Centered in community, based on research backed methods and thoughtfully designed tools.

The Rest

Your sleep support system

The Rest

Your sleep support system

What we do

Corporate workshops

In our flagship product, we facilitate an expert-led workshop about what sleep is, how it works, why we do it, how to understand your own sleep better, and how to improve it.


We offer one on one sleep consultations with a certified sleep coach to help you understand what you can do to start improving it.


We offer month-long courses led by a certified sleep coach with a small group of peers on topics like sleep 101, sleeping with a partner, stress and sleep, and insomnia.

Sleep circles

We offer the opportunity to join or create your own community of people excited to understand and improve their sleep

Sleep journal

Our flagship artist-designed sleep workbook guides users through a daily research-based prompt to help them understand and improve their sleep.

Assess your sleep

We work with individuals and teams to help them characterize the state of their sleep.

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Thank you so much for hosting such a great session last week. We had almost 150 attendees - it was the most popular session of our entire wellness week!
- Employee engagement team, corporate client

"I learned so much from you, and I actually slept till 6:30 this morning. I usually only sleep maybe four hours. It’s always been that way... I have been in many seminars over the years. But you are one of the best presenters I have ever seen and heard."
- Sleep workshop attendee

"Thank you so, so much!! I've seen a massive improvement in my sleep since we last chatted. I've started journaling more, so that's helped lessen the rumination. Sometimes I journal in the morning, sometimes at night, whenever I feel like my mental load is tipping."
- Startup CEO and coaching client

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About us

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From our founder, Ruthie Nachmany:
After 15 years of chronic sleep deprivation, I chanced upon the realization that my lack of sleep was undermining my goals across all parts of my life. I realized how little I knew about my sleep and how to improve it. As I started learning more about sleep, I realized how common this was. I transitioned from my job as a software engineer to becoming a certified sleep coach and giving talks about sleep because I realized how many people struggle to improve their sleep and understand the key triggers that impact them. I started thinking about what a support system for sleep could look like.

Good sleep isn't something you should only get by chance, or feel like you can't control. It's not something you should feel alone in trying to understand and improve. There should be a place to learn, to connect with peers and experts, and to get research-backed tools to improve your sleep. Your sleep deserves the same support you have available for the rest of your life - you literally do it every night, for a third of your life. That's why we're building The Rest.

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