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Sleep School

Sleep school is in session, and if you've ever felt like you could know more about what sleep is, how it works, why we do it, and how to understand your sleep better in order to improve it, we'd love to have you join our virtual workshops. We also create immersive sleep experiences like guided virtual naps that are both educational and relaxing. We offer sleep school workshops for companies, communities, and individuals.

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You spend two thirds of your life awake. How's the rest?

Sleep consultations

Want to do a deep dive into your sleep questions and issues? We offer sleep consultations with a certified sleep coach. Let's work together to understand what's going on and to chart a path for how you can start to improve your sleep. We offer sleep consultations to individuals and to companies looking to support their employees.

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Take a sleep assessment
You and your certified sleep coach will go through this together
Set up a sleep consultation
Talk to a certified sleep coach about your sleep questions and issues. By the end, you should have a set of next steps.
Get started
You'll start going through the plan you and your sleep coach set out. We'll work with you to create the support and tools you need.
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About us

The Rest was founded by a early startup employee and software engineer turned certified sleep coach. We've helped hundreds of people learn about their sleep and how to start improving it. We work with companies and individuals. We're still early, and we'd love to know what you want us to create for you. Drop us a line at

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