Healthy sleep is the base of the wellness pyramid.

More than 1 in 3 Americans get insufficient sleep on a daily basis

According to the CDC, the state of sleep in the U.S. is a public health epidemic that puts both poor sleepers and the people they work with at risk.

How is your team sleeping?

#1 priority

Improving sleep is the #1 priority for employees looking to improve their physical health

$80M in increased cost

For an average Fortune 500 company the increased costs due to sleep deprivation is estimated at $80M/year.

40% of employees

The percent of employees who want sleep support from their employers. This goes up to 50% for millennials.

70% fewer errors

The risk of work errors and accidents goes down by 70% with better sleep.

2 weeks

Better sleep saves more than two weeks of lost productivity per year

35% of your employees

35% of American working adults get insufficient sleep every single night

What we do

Everything we do originates from sleep science, with research-backed methodology, tools, and tactics designed by sleep specialists.


Support your team's sleep wellness with interactive workshops on sleep fundamentals and actionable improvements.

Sleep circles

Our weekly sleep circles give your team the opportunity for ongoing support and accountability.


Offer your team the opportunity for a monthly consultations with a certified sleep coach.


Help your team understand where they have opportunities to improve their sleep and how to get started.

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"Thank you so, so much!! I've seen a massive improvement in my sleep. I am still employing lessons from your sessions and am proud to say that I wake up every day at 6:45/7 without an alarm!!! Never done that in my life. THANKS TO YOU!"

Samanta Doe

Front-End Developer @Webflow

"I learned so much from you, and I actually slept till 6:30 this morning. I usually only sleep four hours. It’s always been that way... you are one of the best presenters I have ever seen and heard."

John Wiska

Copyriwiter @Masterthemes

"It was the most popular session of our entire wellness week!"

Nancy Made

UI/UX Designer @Pilyk


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